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Welcome to GroomingTails

We are a premier full service pet salon and spa specializing in canine clips, scissor finishing, bathing and therapeutic treatments. Since 2005, our mission is to create an environment that is focused on pet safety and comfort with experienced and knowledgeable pet stylists in an immaculate and loving atmosphere. Our large, well-lit, air conditioned facility has a unique design. All grooming is visible where everyone can freely observe and feel assured that their pet is getting loving professional care.

Our Commitment

At GroomingTails we believe that bathing and grooming are essential to a happy, healthy pet. Our ongoing commitment is to provide you with the most efficient, up-to-date products and services available.

The best care for your best friend!

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself." - Josh Billings

About Us

Our staff is professional and genuinely cares about your pet's comfort and safety. Your pet is never left unattended! We value our clients, listen to them, and are careful to prioritize to ensure that each pet's specific needs are met. We groom every pet individually; with no time restraints to limit our level of attention and detail.


At GroomingTails our goal is simple: To develop a life-long relationship with you and your dog by providing the best professional, compassionate dog grooming service here in the Valley of the Sun.

About Us
Our Staff

Meet Our Staff


Francine is our receptionist and has taken on the position of our most gracious manager. Francine is a dedicated mother and a devoted pet parent to her mini-zoo which includes Pickles, Penny, Mattie, and Sophia. As she would say, "They are my whole world and I just so happen to live in their universe." 

Many years back she became a groomer, she has continued to work and remain involved in the pet grooming field ever since. As she would tell you from her heart, " I have always had an inherent love for animals. I can't imagine spending my days any other way." Her days remain with incredible attention to detail and loyal customer service. "It is always an absolute pleasure working with the clientele and their furry friends."

We are most grateful for her, as the front desk operations are full of many tasks to make daily activities and customer service perfect for your experience and ours.


Gloria, born and raised in Phoenix, moved to Colorado for several years but decided to return to the Valley in 2010. She attended Gloria's School of Dog Grooming and has been grooming for the past 36 years. Gloria grooms all breeds and her scissor finishing skills are evident by her finished work.

She is called the Doodle star of our shop, because she tends to do a lot of them. She also fancies Bichons, Havanese and just about any variation of Poodle.

Gloria will always tell you how much she loves her work. That's why she always goes above and beyond for her clientele. Her favorite saying is "I am blessed" and we call her The Perfectionist!


Nichole has been grooming for 15 years and is from Anchorage Alaska. Her love for grooming started at age 17 when she started as a bather, as her first job at a young age.


She realized throughout her time in salons, that she had a gift with the animals and started her very own creative craft in dog grooming. Her talents with scissor finishing, incredible love for the animals and the attentiveness to your beloved pets makes her a special part of our team and the concept we believe in, “Yours truly are first and foremost”.


Her grooming is inspired by the artistic flare, she gets from making dirty dogs dazzle. When she is not catering to the needs of our community, she spends her time with her beautiful daughter Amelia, their 2 poodle’s Gru and Minion and the sunshine Arizona has to offer.  


As she would say, I am always grateful for the wonderful opportunities in life, every day is a gift, and that I am most thankful for.


Hello, my name is Christine. I grew up in a small town outside of Boston, Massachusetts and graduated from Northfolk Agricultural High School where I majored in small animal science.


I discovered my love for dog grooming at age 16, when I worked for a grooming salon and was mentored by a wonderful dog groomer and business owner. I knew from then on that my life’s work and joy was going to be a hair stylist for our beloved animals.


I have been now been in this field for 25 years and continue that same joy. Our family moved to Arizona in 2014, and my interests include hiking, gardening, reading and spending time with my loving husband, our four amazing girls, and our six beloved pooches.


I thank all my clients for their trust with their furry friends, so I can continue to be of good service to you and yours.


Our joyful bather, Tatum, has a zest for life and a profound love for all creatures great and small. She has been involved in the dog grooming industry since 2016. As she will tell you, she enjoys the process of making dogs feel fresh, clean and beautiful. 

We are most fortunate to have her as a part of our team while she continues to expand her education and qualifications in becoming a professional dog groomer for you and your besties one day.

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