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About Us

Our staff is professional and genuinely cares about your pet's comfort and safety. Your pet is never left unattended! We value our clients, listen to them, and are careful to prioritize to ensure that each pet's specific needs are met. We groom every pet individually; with no time restraints to limit our level of attention and detail.

At Grooming Tails of Scottsdale our goal is simple: To develop a life-long relationship with you and your dog by providing the best professional, compassionate dog grooming service in Arizona.

Gloria Gloria
Gloria, born and raised in Phoenix, moved to Colorado for several years but decided to return to the Valley in 2010. She attended Gloria's School of Dog Grooming and has been grooming for the past 30 years. Gloria grooms all breeds and her scissor finishing skills are evident by her finished work. She is called the Doodle star of our shop, because she tends to do a lot of them. She also fancies Bichons, Havanese and just about any variation of the Poodle. Gloria will always tell you how much she loves her work. That's why she always goes above and beyond for her clientele. Her favorite saying is "I am blessed" and we call her The Perfectionist!
Lyn Lyn
Lyn graduated from the Midwest School of Dog Grooming in Chicago, Illinois in 1978 and has been grooming for over 35 years. In 2005 she helped open GroomingTails as our very first groomer. Her vast experience and extreme patience has made her our "go to gal" for temperamental or older dogs who need a bit of extra TLC. Lyn's commitment to her work shows in everything she does, from her creative grooming talents to her extreme reliability. "I really love my work," says Lyn. " The dogs love you no matter what". My clients and their commitment to me is why I continue to do what I love most, helping the animals feel clean and beautiful. They smile, that's how you can tell.
Ashley Ashley
Hello, my name is Ashley and I am originally from Kingston, NY. At a young age, I knew I wanted to work with animals in some fashion. I got my first dog when I was 16 and so began my love for our amazing doggie friends. At age 18, I was so fortunate and excited to have such a fun job working in a pet salon. My job responsibilities were bathing dogs, front desk and routine cleaning etc...whatever they needed me to do. I knew my life's work and joy was going to be as a hair stylist for animals, one day. And so, it began in 2010. I went to professional grooming school, and as one would imagine that’s how my career began in this field. With my continued passion, I have volunteered with various shelters, rescues, and foster groups, as well as being a shelter evaluator. In 2015, my husband, my two children Owen and Nicholas, and our dog Riley moved to the Arizona sunshine. I'm so thankful to have found joy in doing what I love during my 11 years of experience. I want to thank all of my clients for their trust with their furry friends, so I can continue to be of good service to you and yours.
Caitlyn Caitlyn
Caitlyn started working at GroomingTails in 2012 as our most awesomest pet bather. Her love, patience, commitment, and quality for the dirtiest part of this job has made her irreplaceable. Our team offers only the best when it comes to the safety and well-being of your beloved dogs, and Caitlyn is a shining example of that commitment. She wants you to know that while the grooming process can be stressful for some dogs, she showers every pet with love and comfort as if they were her own. She praise’s them and thanks them for allowing her to be the catalyst to get the dirty job done. She is a cancer survivor, feeling fortunate and thankful for each and every day. We love you Caitlyn, and our blessed with your presence.
Sandra Sandra
Sandra is our receptionist and we are most fortunate to have her as part of our team. When asked, “how do you like your job” her response is simply “I love my job, best job ever, I get to spend my day with dogs and wonderful people”. She is a proud mom of her own fur babies, Chelsea and Miss Kitty, who are both are rescues. In her spare time, of which are most weekends, she spends time helping local pet rescues. She is highly involved in fundraising, raffles, spreading awareness, and volunteers as a dog handler. She truly loves all animals and it shows with her warm and generous heart as she affectionately bestows hugs and kisses on our doggie clients as she greets them each and every visit. Her client detail and customer support is always a top priority. We are most grateful for her, as the front desk operations are full of many tasks to make daily activities and customer service perfect for your experience and ours.
Kara Kara
Kara has forever earned her place in the GroomingTails family and in our personal lives. Having been an intricate part of our team and “Smiling” daily face for all of our customers and the friendships, that she has built. After, almost six years of commitment to all of us, it was time for her to follow her passion and make a difference in the lives of others, once again, her giving nature and commitment to give flight to her dreams. After receiving her degree in nursing, with honor’s, we might add, Kara left us to share her love and compassion with the world in the pursuit of helping those in need. While we were sad to see her go, The GroomingTails Family could not be more proud of her, and all that she has accomplished. The healthcare field is a brighter, happier and safer place with her in it. The staff and all the happy paws, that she has come to know and love, wish her only the very best. She now has the continued opportunity to share her gifts with the world . You go girl, Our Miss Kara, Rocky Star!
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